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■The Senri Newtown is the one of biggest residential quarter in Osaka


This stand locates the east side of this quarter and an open sapce fitted with glass. Beams of pure woods, surrounded white papered wall, antique table and lamps will direct your time.

1-10, Satsukigaoka Kita, Suita-City Osaka, JAPAN (565-0834)

□Phone Number

TEL:06-6878-1060 FAX:06-6878-1060


8 am to 10:30 pm everyday(10 pm last orders)

■By Train

■By Car

From Minami-senri station (Kita-senri Line, Hankyu Railways), get on the bus bound for JR Suita station and off at " Inokodani"busstop. Then you'll find opposite side of road. It face to the road, and firtst floor of Melodyheim. Link to Hankyu railways

From Momoyamadai Station (Route423, Shin Midosuji), drive direct east about 10 minutes, you'll find Mitubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank and TOYOTA on your left. Our stand is besides those buildings. We arrange 3 parking lots in the parking space of our building "Melodyheim".

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