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Coffee Investigation in Photos

Chiapas Oaxaca Mexico

Chiapas was one of my long-cherished producing areas to visit. Organic agriculture has been prospered in Mexico, and Pt. Tapachula (Chiapas) is especially famous for producing high quality coffee.

Earlier, we have visited Huatulco and Pluma Hidalgo (1 hour drive from Huatulco) in Oaxaca. There were continuous mountain chains dotted with small towns in each ridge. The towns were pretty fascinating and I could feel the long histry of relation between people and coffee here.

Then we once got back to Mexico City (because it was quite dengerous to take a land route from Oaxaca), and flew to our main destination Tapachula. The coffee farm is located in mountainous area near Mexico-Guatemala border, 5 hour drive from the city.

This time, we visited each producer with a guidance of UDEPOM co-op, although we have currently made a purchase through ISMAM co-op. This cooperation has also gotten the organic certification of JAS, and their practice of classic farming style was pretty impressive. Mexican coffee production is a bit unique compared to that of other countries in Central America: they are practically well experienced in a good sense, but technically outdated in a bad sense.

They expeienctinally know well that shade trees are greatly effective for cultivating coffee trees, and have produced coffee with wonderful flavor with the terroir. I'm sure that their coffee will be ranked higher as specialty coffee if they manufacture more precisely, especially in drying and purifying process.

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