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Coffee Investigation in Photos

La Antigua Atitlan Guatemala
The visit to Guatemala is the second at this time, and we purchase the coffee of the Urias farm of the district of Antigua since the last visit every year and am the coffee of the favorable reception in our store.
Mr. Hector who met again explained the damage of the heavy rain after a long absence as if I remembered the last time. The damage of the heavy rain in Central and South America is severely, and the harvest largely reduces it by the outbreak of bacteria by a flood and the high humidity.
The remarkable rise of the coffee market price seems to have a big such reason, too.
But still, the Guatemalan scenery does not change and lets you always feel greatness of nature.
The Ceylan farm of the Atitlan district to have chosen as a straight production center new this time. It is a farm of the management that it is located southwest, and attached great importance to the environment in the small town called Pochuta of the Lake Atitlan. The altitude is not so high in 1100 - 1500M, but, at the farm which utilized the whole mountain on nature, and is cultivated, acquires the Rain Forest Certification, Bird-Friendly, the JAS Organic Certification, the USDA Organic Certification.
It is various, and the kind is cultivated to a Robusta class other than a Bourbon class, a Geisha class, a Caturra class in the low land, too. As for what we purchased, it is mixed 40% of Bourbon, Geisha 35%, Caturra 25%. It was about time when it, and this district left the Geisha class that a lot of rain was it in tolerance relatively in the rain 27 years ago.
The geisha class who is greatly praised to the skies as now in the coffee industry. The interest is a few feeling in such a thing without knowing whether the owner of here knows it. The acid which the impression that performed cupping there was bright, and was fruity was impressive, and the body was relatively light. A farm (a careful selection place in particular.a dry place) was maintained neatly, and the lodgings and the church of the employee were set and were the splendid farm where the personality of the owner strongly appeared.
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