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Coffee Investigation in Photos


Pt.Huila (south Columbia) was another cultivation area which I had wished to visit for a long time. We had a flight from Bogota to Neiva Airport, and took 6 hours drive to the west for getting the town Timana. Women in this town likely to be brave, and I heard that there was a woman beheaded a spanish invader in his sleep for a revenge long time ago.

This time, we had a guide from Ban Export, which has attracted public attention as an exporter of specialty coffee in Columbia. First, we visited Kaney co-op in Pitarito, which is the biggest coffee dealer in Huila. We had cupping of coffee from some cooperations in Huila earlier, and we visited some of them. Not only those which had the verification of Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance, but also one that was established for supporting women's independence.

We mainly purchase beans from Mesa de los Santos in north Santander and south Huila or Nariño for Columbia coffee. While those from the north have relatively weaker acidity and softer texture, those from the south have a characteristic of stronger acidity and body. Thus we make good use of each characteristic.
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