Hiro Coffee
since 1977

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Fully ripe coffee berries.
Check the taste through cupping process.
Roasted beans are sent to all the branches.
The symbol of our roasting plant.
We blend some beans and keep creating new tastes.
The branch in a department store. Has been flourished since the opening.
The cheerfulness and high hospitality of staffs is one of our fascinations.
Harvested beans are sent to coffee lovers in the world.
It all depends on the roasters' tequnique whether they make or kill the beans.
Our company was established in 1977.
We have received a variety of certifications so far.
Our Representative Director Yamamoto at the time of the establishment.
Vivid color scheme is the feature of Daimaru Umeda branch.
Some of the superb sweets.
Concentrated coffee liquid with which you can easily make and enjoy cafe au lait.
Harvested point is quite obvious.
Barrels in which green beans are stored.
Our original blend Organic Blend Inagawa has won gold award of Monde Selection.
Various events are regularly held in each branch.
Our history all started here.
We have discount of coffee equipments in each month in different theme.
The desserts-sculpture of Team Japan in WPTC 2012.
Quickly serve coffee without keeping customers waiting by using both hands.
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