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■As many breads, as many keen wits.


We change or blend various flours depending on the bread. Mugigula bread starts with chosing from the ingredients (flour, water, salt, natral yeast and etc.) to the oven. We are particular about all the processes, and there are further points on making the delicious bread.

7-10-5, Aramaki, Itami-City Hyogo, JAPAN(663-8033)

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8 am to 7 pm everyday
We only use special ingredients which the boulangerie approved.
We are especially particular about the flour and the natural yeast
We use different flour depending on the bread; the finest flour from Canada and Australia for Pain de Mie, French rye for hard breads.
-Natural yeast
We use yeast and our original natural yeast of Levain. They are rich in lactobacilli and acetobacter, and bring the deep, fascinating flavor.

We use proper natural water depending on the bread.

We use specialty salt which is made in a traditional way in Okinawa, and Guerande of France, both of which are rich in minerals.
All breads are carefully made by hand.
The deliciousness is finally created in the baking process.
-Oven made of the Oya Stone

One of the requirements of Mugigura bread is to be well-baked. Our oven is made of Oya Stone from Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefecture, and it can generate heat by itself with the effect of far infrared radiation.

It helps to make the outside of bread crispy, and the inside moist. Mugigura bread gradually gets more tasty as it's baked.
We follow the basic as much as possible, without excess.

French Baguette
We use blended flour of Canada and Australia, and you can enjoy the fascinating flavor. The bread crust is crispy, and the inside is very moist and soft.

Retro French Baguette
We take a long time to mature dough and bake at a high temperature.

Pain de Mie
Using the high-graded flours from Canada and Australi, and use the finest sugar Wasanbon. This is our representative bread, with the name of "Kura".

Hard Toast
The flour contents lots of outer skin and embryo buds, and the bread has rich  nutrition, fascinating flavor and taste.


■By Train

■By Car

From Hankyu NISHINOMIYA KITAGUCHI Station(Hankyu Kobe Line), leave the exit north, walk to the east along the truck. Turn to the north at the corner near by bonesetter, then you'll see the park opposite the elementary school. Our shop is north-east of this park.

From R171, Turn to the south at the intersection "WAKAMIYA CHO". Go down to the south on Nakatsuhama Line and turn right at the overpass and sports dome,and soon you'll find on your left. We arrange 40 parking lots for you.

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