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Colombia Mesade Los Santos Farm

They proud of three attestations "Colombia Mesade Los Santos Farm"

It's in the Santander Department San Gil district of Colombia Mesa de Los Santos means "Holy Desk" in the local language.

It expresses a shape of the special topography opening on a plateau in a sheer gorge.

We really saw magestic forest when we visited there in the "World of clouds".

Mesa de Los Santos is such a place!

Brazil Mogi Ana district

District with many fans as Mojiana production still the district transport railway line Mojiana Brazilian coffee was through once.

There is a farm in the town Kanaaa Aruchinoporisu outskirts of one of them.

Daughter is currently managing the property of the prestigious Ferrero house.
It is not a big farm so much in Brazil and 1800 bag cultivated land 35ha annual crop.

To comply with the laws of Brazil is to the nature reserve 30% of land, and recommends the environmental cycle of its own, you're getting the rain-forest authentication.

Indonesia Wahana farm

Some Shidikaran district is located in the northwest of Lake Toba in Sumatra center, is Wahana farm Sarimakumuru company run here.
100ha to grow coffee which all cultivated land 500ha.
I chose this place for Sarimakumuru company engaged in the export business is the production of agricultural products.

Are grown on a trial basis Tipika species, Rasuna species, long berry species, such as Aten species, varieties of the various varieties.
There is a facility that is to answer a variety of Sumatra order formula, from natural to Furuuosshu also selective, this is a great feature, the posture of the flexible company to market is reflected.
Breed even more than, the park, which is in good condition, constant temperature and humidity are adjusted shade tree is given.
Takagi Ramutorou, Tepuroshia, trees are used for shade, tree legume both shrub.

The guest house to welcome the customers are also new, and guests for the first time luckily.
Park, which is tightly controlled in this way great farm as the posture of the company is evident.

Guatemala Ceylan farm

There is a town in the southwest of Pochuta resort Atetoran lake in Guatemala, there is Ceylan farm in the location in the mountain town.
It is hard to understand and coffee plantations from the outside as much as possible the use of natural forest, because it is grown.
Park has been cultivated a wide trees grow thick, shade tree of nature to protect the tree of coffee.
Tree legume Charoen, such as Inga seems many main shade tree.
Coffee garden in the forest exactly.

As can be seen from the fact that you're getting rain-forest authentication, Bird Friendly certification, JAS organic certification, the USDA certification, the height of awareness of the environment of the owner suggests.
Katsura species remaining Bourbon 40% 35% geisha, varieties of this farm is also cultivated Robusta species in the lowland.

Are in good condition and equipment of the park, and is Seiwa not only selective equipment, church and living quarters of the people who work to heart's content.
For companion planting, seed Bourbon, geisha species, Katsura species can not harvest divided, but there is a feeling there is a fruit acid bright clear sore cup.
Great farm sense philosophy and the owner is reflected very strongly.

グアテマラ アテトラン地区セイラン農園
グアテマラ アテトラン地区セイラン農園
グアテマラ アテトラン地区セイラン農園
Tanzania ur farm
In migrants from Germany, Bente's wife has been entrusted with the management of the farm as an agricultural engineer primarily, Medoc couple of owners, has been the management of Mr. Ralph husband. Feel that it is not that easy task to affection and his wife are committed to coffee plantation, it was thought to appreciate this wonderful encounter also, that there has been worth came to this land far away. Urumachare plantations in the cup competition of Rainforest Alliance from Mr. Ralph, we received reports that it has been selected third in the world after returning home. This result and a gift of love of Mr. and Mrs., I will bless.   .
Additional area that state farm is dotted in the mountains about an hour further from the city Zimmer western Irugachefe.
Management was very attentive forest farming methods that take advantage of the environment is carried out in an orderly manner the farm to operate in cis Timah tick the Ethiopian government to reflect the request of overseas buyers for foreign currency earnings.
Garden coffee from Ethiopia old was mainstream Irugachefe became the ground in recent years mania coveted as a production center of the rare cup character.
Coffee planted in the immediate vicinity of farmers.
Coffee and people would have been snuggled doing this way from an early stage of perhaps life in this land thousands of years followed.
Panama Grande Le Val farm
Guranderubaru farm get the rain-forest authentication from before 2000, the park was a stunning shade-grown.
Did was more than pleased with the one with the real in the shape of tree that was very good center, and management Katsura and seeds Tipika cultivation. .
I was surprised a very are building before over 80 years the system corresponding to age beautifully for now request is growing about the history of the production and management of food safety.
Costa Rica Akialess farm
The vast site of 924 hectares spread in the mountains of 850 ~ 1,300 m above sea level, including coffee planting 672 hectares, the nature reserve 104 hectares, Akiaresu farm is seen shade tree throughout the farm.
There is a waterway of 31 and spring water of four plantation, offers ample irrigation water to trees of coffee, it is the largest plantation in Costa Rica.
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