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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Establishment September 1, 2007
Representative Director
Mitsuhiro Yamamoto

We advocate the next policy about doing as the company which we observe a law about the protection of the personal information, and handles personal information.

1) We take measures of they handle it, and not performing (the use out of the purpose) and that purpose of the personal information beyond the range that is necessary for the achievement of an identified use purpose of personal information to deal with in all business in large quantities and the personal information to handle in the employment.

2) We observe laws and ordinances about the handling of the personal information, the guidance that a country establishes and other models.

3) We wear unjust access to personal information, a leak of the personal information, loss again, and we establish inside official regulations about prevention of the loss and correction and protect personal information. In addition, when a case, the accidents such as leaks occur, I investigate prompt correspondence and cause and correct it.

4) We establish internal official regulations to a complaint about the handling of the personal information and consultation correspondence and cope with a complaint and consultation.

5) We perform the continuous improvement of the personal information protection management system.

[Personal Information Protection Consultation Reception Desk]

〒 564-0063 1-7 Esakacho, Suita-shi, Osaka 7 HIRO COFFEE Co., Ltd.
Person in charge Uno
TEL 06-6339-0411 (time in weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

About Protection of the Customer's Information
As for the information to ask about, the personal information of the visitor who is necessary when I offer service of the HIRO COFFEE Co., Ltd. and when we provide the information about the service becomes important. In addition, for the purpose of convenience improvement of the customer, we may ask about the information except it, but you become selectable and can offer this for the option of the customer except a minimum item. In addition, there cannot be the thing that HIRO COFFEE modifies information to ask about without the agreement of the visitor. The information that manages as personal information in the information that asked about in particular as follows.

1 Full name
2 E-mail address
3 Address
4 Phone number
5 Access record

About the above, we establish it as follows, and there cannot be the thing disclosed by a third party.
Disclosure of the Customer Information
There cannot be the thing disclosing the personal information of the customer to a third party unless the HIRO COFFEE determines below it.

1 When there is request of the disclosure from the Customer person himself whom personal information was registered with and can confirm it when it is the person himself
2 When disclosure of the personal information is demanded from a court, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the police, a taxation office, a bar association or the organization with the authority that followed these
3 When we entrust a third party with all or part of the duties that we perform
4 When we disclose it, the HIRO COFFEE takes necessary measures against a person bearing secret maintenance duty for us to follow the privacy policy that our site was visited as far as it is rational.

The HIRO COFFEE may revise the above-mentioned policy. In that case, we notify you of all revisions on this homepage.
Cookies and Links

We record the use situation of the HIRO COFFEE by cookie which is structure to grasp the use situation of the Internet, but use it only for the improvement of the service that HIRO COFFEE provides to a visitor, improvement. The link to other sites is included in HIRO COFFEE, but, please refer to the rule of the linked site concerned about the management of the personal information in the link.

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